Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension

Whitepaper V1

Welcome to the Champions Metaverse!

Champions is an iteratively built game made by Jam City and invested heavily in by a network of its game studios. Jam City games have generated more than 1.3 billion in lifetime installs and $2.5 billion USD in lifetime booking, and continue to grow through ongoing live-ops. We are currently successfully operating more than 20 games, including more than a dozen games built in partnership with world-class brands ( Our studio creative leadership has hundreds of thousands of hours of collective game development, social media and entrepreneurship (Creators of MySpace) experience to make Champions something truly innovative.
We are building together with you to create a true play-and-earn experience and novel ways to enjoy your Champions NFTs and Coins.
We strongly believe in creating and growing a community that fosters true collaboration between devs and players. Join now and provide your unique feedback and guidance into the early ideation phases of Champions Ascension!

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