Champions of a lower tier can be ascended to the next higher tier after meeting certain prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level at their current tier and completing an ascension challenge. To Ascend your Champion you will need to expend tokens and in-game resources that you can earn through gameplay and fighting other Champions. You can take your Champions along the following Ascension path:
Challenger → Gladiator → Eternal
Ascending your Champions to a higher tier improves their stats, allows them to have more progeny, gives them access to exclusive battle modes and areas in the world, and unlocks more abilities. Furthermore, each tier of Champions will have a different daily earning limit of $ESSENCE tokens and different lifetime earning caps for those tokens. The earning limits increase as the Champion tier goes up, so ascending your Champion provides more opportunities to earn $ESSENCE tokens. Ultimately, reaching the final, Eternal tier grants immortality to your Champion. The Prime Eternals tier will only be available to the 7,622 Prime Eternals that were already released and will never be released again.
However, along the path of Ascension, Champions and Utility tokens will be consumed (burned on the blockchain) to help strengthen the player-to-player economy, and balance the supply of Champions and Utility tokens.
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