Champions Ascension
Prime Eternals, Eternals and Gladiators can be used to breed a new Challenger. To breed a Challenger, you need 2 Champions of the same tier. Challengers cannot be bred, but they can be ascended to a tier that can be bred. In order to breed, you will need a specific combination of in-game tokens. Depending on the current breed count of your breeder Champion and the tier it is in at the time of breeding, the number of tokens needed to breed will vary.
Breeder Tier
  • Prime Eternal
  • Eternal
  • Gladiator
Progeny Tier
  • Challenger
Each breeder Champion has a breed count limit of 3, which determines the total number of possible direct progeny. As a Champion ascends to a new tier, the breed count will reset so the newly ascended Champion can breed again and new progeny from the ascended Champion can be created, even if the breed count in the previous tier reached its limit. Additionally, Prime Eternals will have special events, where the breed count will be reset so the Prime Eternals can go through a new breeding cycle with new breeding limits.
Each Champion has a genome, consisting of dominant and recessive genes for each part. The structure of the progeny, its essence and parts, is derived from the genome of the breeder Champions, where dominant and recessive genes determine the probability of the expression and inheritance of a certain gene. To keep the population diverse, Champions will not be able to be bred with their progeny and progeny with the same parents will not be able to be bred among each other. The divine parts that exist only in the Prime Eternals, will only be able to be passed on as a non-divine counterpart. This ensures that divinity is only present among the Prime Eternals.
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