Champions Structure
Each Champion belongs to one of 12 Families grouped in 6 Classes, 2 Families per Class. There are also 7 Essences that each Champion gets their core power from:
Essences have their advantages/disadvantages against each other, which is one of the crucial parts of the combat rules.
There are 6 types of functional parts that each Champion can have in total and multiple cosmetic ones. Each functional part has different stats and all parts contribute to the overall stats and abilities of the Champions differently.
Each Champion has 5 active (of 6 total) functional parts, which means one of them will be suppressed. However the genes for all 6 will be present so it can be passed on when breeding new Champions.
Because each part contributes to the Champion’s abilities in different ways, this provides interesting choices in battles, where each Champion will have different advantages/disadvantages against other Champions based on which Family and Class it belongs to as well as the essences of their parts.
A specific Essence out of the 7 Essences flows through each functional part and when the essence of the part matches that of the Champion core, that part's stats will get a boost. The number of parts that match the Champions core essence is reflected in the overall Purity number. This number translates to an additional boost, both to the stats during battles and when breeding where it affects inheritance of genes in a way that it increases the probability to carry over the genes that contribute to the Purity.
To ensure we have visual appeal for the champions, cosmetic parts have their own rarity (like Hair and Piercings). Additionally, your Champions are rendered as 3D models that interact with other players’ Champions, so owning rare cosmetics means you can show off your amazing style to others!
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