Champions Ascension


Champions Ascension is built using cloud-scale technology to support unlimited users with no degradation in performance. Champions Ascension will be available on many platforms including web and mobile. The client engine is built in Unity while the backend is built using proprietary server technology and Cloud-based systems that have been battle-tested and proven to scale in several of our existing projects. We will be using a gas-free chain that allows bridging to and from Ethereum L1. As we aim for maximum scale, we will allow existing wallets to be used i.e. MetaMask as well as custodial wallets for ease of onboarding.


Jam City makes use of proprietary and industry standard technologies to develop and deploy gameplay across a wide variety of platforms. Our expert developers have tremendous experience crafting innovative gaming experiences that have been enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players. We are utilizing this expertise in building and operating robust backends that support massive scale across multiple cloud providers and regions to deliver a best in class gaming experience.
In developing a large-scale game, our priority is user-experience. Therefore we need to develop on a Chain that gives reliable performance with low latency and low fees. Our innovative platform is fundamentally chain-agnostic, but we are initially delivering functionality on a privately hosted Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain called Evmos ( This allows us to easily bridge assets in and out of the Ethereum mainnet while also providing a friendly onboarding experience for all users with custody wallets and payments in both fiat and Ethereum. The platform is built to serve many markets including the US and around the world.


Online multiplayer gameplay is developed on top of Jam City's proprietary frameworks. Gameplay uses a client-server architecture: to play, game clients get connected to a cloud server, which runs the game rules and has full authority on the game status. By having a fully authoritative server, the game is very resistant to cheats, and players can play the game normally even if their friends or opponents have bad internet connectivity. Cloud game servers are deployed dynamically according to diverse rules (see Backend) in order to provide players with rock-solid, low-latency game experiences. The game client is developed in Unity. By leveraging the power of Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline, the game provides players with beautifully-looking, AAA quality environments, characters and visual effects. Unity’s cross-platform support allows us to extend the game to other screens and platforms in the future.
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