As Champions progress in the game, new Tiers will unlock Feat Cards and Feat Slots. Additional Feat Cards will be introduced via special events. Feat Cards provide unique passive abilities and modifiers that can give Champions a significant advantage in battles, for instance:

  • Instantly recharge dashes upon getting hit

  • Claws and Fangs inflict “Bleed”-- dealing 6% of opponent’s maximum health over 10 seconds

Feats Slots are unlocked as Champions are Ascended to a higher tier.

  • Challenger: 2 Slots

  • Gladiator: 2 Slots

  • Eternal: 1 Slot

In addition to unlocking more Feat Slots, Champions will also unlock new Feat Cards as they level up. Each time a Champion is Ascended to a higher tier, they will unlock a Marquee Feat Card. Eternals, who are at the highest tier, will also have the opportunity to earn additional Season Feat Cards. These can be obtained by competing in Tournaments or completing special challenges like the Glory Pass. The meta around the most desirable Feat Cards for Eternals will vary each season, providing a dynamic and constantly changing gameplay experience for players.

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