“In Massina, whatever kills you… Will make you stronger!” -The Necromancer
In some game modes, Champions will face the chance of death. The potential that a Champion might die in combat raises the stakes, challenge and excitement. Players will need to be more strategic in their decision-making and balance risk and reward carefully. Death is by no means a given, and not all game modes result in it; so each player must assess the risk involved and make their decisions accordingly. With each death, players must start over from scratch with a new Champion. But all is not lost– there are actually some advantages to having a dead Champion. The death of Champions serve two valuable mechanical purposes within the game’s economy. First, death helps to constrain the growth of the Champions population to meet demand. When there are too many Champions, the chance of a Champion dying in combat will increase. Second, a Champion’s death unlocks certain new options that players can choose to utilize:
  • Players can use Writs of Ascension and pay Gold to resurrect the Champion
  • Players can harvest the corpse at the Butcher, and collect its Bone and Essence for use in the game
  • Players can take the corpse to the Ascension Tower, where they can consecrate it for use in the Ascension process While Death is permanent, it occurs in specific and limited circumstances. Players will know when their asset is at risk and can choose to avoid those battles. However, those who choose to risk Death will be well-rewarded. There will also be specific game modes with tempting rewards that have set odds of death in the event of a loss.