The Osteomancer

“Nothing matters more in Massina than winning… and no price too bold.” – Marleenken Vatroslava, The Osteomancer

When players accumulate a large number of unwanted pieces of gear, they can visit the Osteomancer to “upcycle” them. The Osteomancer offers a unique service that allows players to trade in multiple items of similar gear for a chance to mint a new piece of gear with random traits. This process involves the Osteomancer burning the unwanted gear and using the resulting materials to create something new. Players pay a fee in Gold for this service, but the results are unpredictable. Sometimes the Osteomancer will create a remarkable piece of gear with rare traits that cannot be found anywhere else. Other times, the results may be less impressive, and players may receive a more mundane piece of gear. It is worth noting that certain types of weapon traits are only available through the Osteomancer. As a result, players may choose to use this service in the hopes of obtaining gear with these exclusive traits. However, it is important to remember that the Osteomancer’s mood is unpredictable and players may not always receive desirable traits. Overall, the Osteomancer provides an interesting way for players to dispose of unwanted gear and possibly obtain unique pieces of gear with exclusive traits. However, players should keep in mind that this service comes with a degree of risk and unpredictability.

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