Champions Structure

Each Champion belongs to one of 12 Families grouped in 6 Classes, with 2 Families per Class. There are also 7 Essences from which a Champion derives its core power:

Essences have their advantages/disadvantages against each other, which is one of the crucial parts of the combat rules.

Each Essence has a corresponding “House” in the world, and the Houses (and their Champion members) are in constant competition with one another. There are also 6 types of functional and cosmetic “Parts” that each Champion may possess in some random combination. Each functional Part has unique stats and all Parts contribute to the overall stats and abilities of the Champions in different ways. Although each Champion has 5 active functional Parts, 1 additional Part is always suppressed. But because the genes for all 6 will always be present, this hidden (or recessive) Part can still be passed on when breeding new Champions.

Because each Part contributes to the Champion’s abilities in different ways, this gives each Champion different advantages/disadvantages against other Champions, based on which Family and Class it belongs to as well as the essences of their parts. One of the 7 Essences flows through each functional Part. Wherever the essence of a Part matches the Essence of the Champion, it is considered a “Pure” Part. A Champion’s Purity number reflects the total number of Parts which match the core essence. This number translates to an additional in-game boost to the “Fury of the Titans” ability; and during breeding, increases the probability to carry over genes which contribute to the progeny’s Purity. Cosmetic parts have their own rarity (like Hair and Piercings). And because Massina has many places that players can gather and hang out, owning rare cosmetics allows a Champion to peacock their unique style to others! In the future, players may be able to obtain items that increase the probability of certain rare cosmetic traits during the breeding process– with the aid of the infamous Dr. Prometheus!

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