Writs of Ascension

The Writ of Ascension is a key reward within the game world and used in a number of core game systems such as Ascension and resurrection. Players earn the ability to mint a Writ by competing in skill-based Tournaments and progressing on the seasonal leaderboard. More skillful players will be able to earn Writs of Ascension at a faster rate, providing them with an advantage in the game. Different actions may demand a different number of writs, or writs of a higher affinity. Prime Eternals can create especially powerful Golden Writs that are highly sought after. In the future, Writs will also be used as part of the system for players to promote their user-generated content, making them even more valuable. With the ability to unlock powerful bonuses and unique rewards, the Writ of Ascension is a crucial item for players who wish to succeed in the game. NOTE: A Detailed Guide for Champion Progression Crystals will be released in the future and linked here!

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