Champions Tiers

All the playable Champions are categorized in 5 tiers.


“..the surviving Prime Eternals, the heroes who triumphed, shall forever be known as “The Glorious 7622.” – Emperor Giotto The last of the Primes: The Glorious 7622 are the triumphant survivors of an attack by dark forces against Massina. These gods among men now walk the streets of Massina and partner with the savviest of Maestros. Capable of producing both fame and fortune, it is no wonder the old saying goes: Every Prime Eternal comes with a loaf of bread under their arm. Prime Eternals and their parts are aligned with the Life, Death and Arcane Essences. These Divine few have no equal in the arena, and receive the highest level of in-game benefits. Prime Eternals will never be minted again, and give you access to the growing fantasy world Massina.

  • *Only Tier that can produce Massina, Diamond Hand Gear, and Golden Writs of Ascension

  • *Only Tier that Receives BONUS Gold Drips

  • *Prime Parts excel at doing damage and disabling single opponents in combat*

  • *Only Tier with Divine parts*

  • *Divine Parts do more damage in PVP combat*

  • *Earns MOST Essence in Battle

  • *Can earn Siring fees as a Breeding partner

  • Immortal

  • Can equip armor

  • Can equip weapons


Elemental Eternals embody the sublime power of the once-powerful House of the World, now splintered into four rival houses: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These Champions are coveted for their raw strength and stamina.

  • Only 10,000 ever available

  • Fire, Water, Earth, & Air Essence

  • *Boosted Farming & Mining*

  • *Elemental parts excel at doing damage and disabling of multiple opponents in combat*

  • *Only Tier that can have Sublime Parts*

  • *Sublime Parts do more damage in PVE combat*

  • Immortal

  • Can Breed

  • Earns more Essence in Battle than lower tiers

  • Can equip armor

  • Can equip weapons


These formidable warriors have achieved immortality through the grueling process of Ascension, and this hard-earned status guarantees the most legendary matches on Massina. Donning powerful armor and weapons, they are not only renowned for their skill in combat, as their ability to perform all kinds of services to their maestros have sparked the envy of the noble class. Only the most dedicated will rise up from the ranks and become an Eternal. It is a great honor to ascend a Champion to the status of a new Eternal. Imagine how exciting it will be to see a new Eternal be crowned who is unique and unlike any others - perhaps a Champion with combined prime and elemental parts… It would be an incredible accomplishment! At the end of every year in Massina, any Champions who ascended to Eternal status during that year will be invited to participate in the Grand Sanctification, a tournament hosted by the sitting Emperor alongside the High Alchemists of each House. Each participant will be given the chance to battle for their ultimate place in history here as that year’s class of Eternals will be inducted into a new classification tier. The winner of the tournament will be granted the honor to name that generation of Eternals. During their induction ritual, these freshly Sanctified Eternals will earn a unique utility that will be varied each year and bestowed by the Emperor himself.

  • *Immortal

  • *Highest form of Ascension

  • *Eligible for Highest Tournament Tiers

  • *Eligible to battle in the Grand Sanctification held EOY they attain Eternal status

  • *Receive a unique generational perk at the Grand Sanctification

  • Can Breed

  • *Earns more Essence in Battle than lower tiers

  • Can equip armor

  • Can equip weapons


Always a crowd favorite are the mortal Gladiators. Unlike their immortal counterparts, these Champions brave actual death in the arena! But when they fall, they may be taken to the Ministry of Bone, where their bones can be harvested to forge enchanted weapons and other marvels.

  • *Can equip Armor

  • *Can Breed

  • *Can Ascend to Eternal

  • *Earns more Essence in Battle than prior tier

  • *Corpse provides more Bone than prior tier

  • Can equip weapons


This lowest tier of Champions are newbies, still finding their foothold in the world and their place in history. Unable to don armor by Imperial Decree, the Challengers must battle their way up the ladder of Glory. The Emperor has also sternly forbidden rogue alchemists from using these new Champions in their experiments to create new ones.

  • Can Earn Essence in Battle

  • Can Ascend to Gladiator

  • Can Equip Weapons

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