The Partner Economy empowers Prime Eternal holders to gain benefits by sharing their assets with other players. Partners can loan their Primes to other players as part of the Glory Pass system and obtain a percentage of the Glory Pass revenue based on the Prime's usage. Partners can also create events such as tournaments or boss raids, charge an entry fee for players to participate, or create consumable content like Towers or Dungeons, where creators share in the proceeds generated by the consumables used in their levels. In the future, Primes will be able to lease their homes, shops, or forges to other players. Champions Ascension’s Slice of Massina recently demonstrated the power of a Partner Economy via its “Friend Invites” system. Prime Eternal holders can invite friends to play the game with an access code. When friends use this access code and earn tickets in the game, the originating Prime Eternal for that code also receives tickets. Both the Prime Eternal and the friend can use their tickets for in-game services or redeem them to mint an NFT.