“Their Essence began to hum and glow inside them; Omar had never felt the full strength of this inner energy except in moments of deep prayer.” – A Karkadon’s Tale, Season 1 Lore
Essence is an in-game currency earned by defeating opponents in PvP and some mini-games. All Champions have an Essence meter which fills as Essence is earned via gameplay. The meter has a maximum fill limit; but the limit is raised whenever the Champion levels up. Champions also have Daily earning caps. After reaching their cap or completely filling their Essence meter, Champions can continue to play but will no longer be able to earn Essence. Players can use their stored Essence to level up or breed their Champions. Players can also use Essence (and a small amount of Gold) to mint Essence Crystal NFTs. Essence Crystals can be used to progress in the game, craft other NFTs and traded in the game or on a secondary market.