The man turned around. His face was hidden behind a ceramic mask. He bowed and approached them. “Come inside. I am Doctor Prometheus. We have much to discuss.” – The History Lesson, Season 1 Lore
Eternals and Gladiators can be used to breed a new Challenger by combining the genetic material from two Champions of the same tier and a quantity of Essence (or an equivalent number of Essence Crystals). Players begin by selecting a Genesis partner from their collection of Champions and a Stock partner from either their collection of Champions or a Champion offered for breeding by other players. Players will need enough accumulated Essence or Essence Crystals to initiate the Breeding process. Players will also need to use a small amount of Gold to complete the minting process. The breeding process takes a brief period of time to complete. During that period, the Genesis and Stock partners will be temporarily unavailable to play the game or participate in other activities that require interactions with the chain. Both the Genesis and Stock partners have a breed count decremented. Each Champion has a genome, consisting of dominant and recessive genes for each part. The structure of the progeny, its essence and parts, is derived from the genome of the breeder Champions, where dominant and recessive genes determine the probability of the expression and inheritance of a certain gene. A new Champion will be generated based on the genetic traits of the Genesis and Stock partners, following the rules outlined in the Breeding Guide.
Each Champion Tier has its own breed count limit, which determines the total number of possible direct progeny. As a Champion ascends to a new tier, the breed count will reset so the newly ascended Champion can breed again and new progeny from the ascended Champion can be created, even if the breed count in the previous tier reached its limit. Additionally, there may be special events primarily targeted to Prime Eternals which allow the Champions to reset their breed count and to go through a new breeding cycle with new breeding limits.