Forge Gear

Champions come equipped with default weapons, but players will be able to craft and upgrade these “tools of the trade.” PvP and PvE battles, as well as mining and quest rewards, can provide diverse resources, such as Bone, essential for Gear Forging. By using bone and other resources, players can craft new weapons and armor. For a Gold fee, players can use the Bonesmith’s crafting services or they can use player-owned Forges to add cosmetic customization to their gear, with higher-level Forges offering more options. Additionally, players can visit the Osteomancer to exchange unwanted gear for a chance to mint new gear with randomly-generated traits: some will be valuable and unique, but others may not. The Osteomancer offers an interesting way to obtain unique gear, with a degree of unpredictability and risk involved. The player owns this gear and can either use it in gameplay to improve their own chances of victory or sell it on the marketplace for others to use it.

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