“Strive for perfection, but govern for the greatest good.” - Guildmaster Cyfas
Players will be able to band together by forming Guilds in order to share resources, complete community based goals and unlock special Guild perks and items. Players will need to gain standing within their guild in order to have access to these rewards by representing their guild in different activities across the world.


Guilds will be able to pledge allegiance to any of the seven Houses, which will affect the political dynamics of the guilds, as well as the potential rewards and perks of its Guild members. Guilds can choose to remain neutral by pledging to the Imperial faction, with its own set of rules and rewards. Guilds will gain reputation with their faction as they complete activities in the Guild Bounty board, unlocking the different perks and rewards tied to the different Reputation Tiers. The political intrigue will be ripe for the picking as Guilds compete for resources across the land.


Guilds will be able to emit different types of challenges to each other, with different consequences and for different stakes, such as the Challenge of Glory which will confront both guilds in a bloody Tournament inside the arena.