“Bones all have a story to tell, and my forge prepares them for their next chapter.” – Itahisa Vatroslava, The Bonesmith
Bone is an in-game currency earned by competing in PvE game modes or by harvesting a Champion killed in PvP. All Champions have a Bone meter that is filled as Bone is earned via gameplay. The meter has a maximum fill limit that increases with the Champion’s tier. Bone can be earned in PvE combat, but it can also be harvested from the remains of Champion NFTs killed in combat. Champion corpses can be converted into Bone and Essence at the Butcher. Initially, Champions will use default weapons but in the near future, players will be able to use Bone to craft gear for their Champions. Players will be able to mint Bone Components and then combine those Components with specific recipes to craft weapons. Bone Components that match a gear’s recipe will also allow players to repair items more efficiently.