“He cleared his throat and said the traditional words of the gladiators’ contract: ‘I am proud to accept this Champion, and enter freely into our partnership.’” – The Diamondstar Halo, Season 1 Lore

Maestros are similar to a trainer or manager in Pokemon (only way more badass) - they maintain a stable of Champions. Each player is represented in the game-world by a “Maestro” character, which they can customize by unlocking rare skins and accessories via gameplay. Anyone can create a Maestro for free and begin their journey.

The Maestro role is a niche occupied by the humans of Massina, who possess their own unique soul-like energy called anima. When a Champion and a human Maestro bond, they share this anima energy; and together, the right combination of talent and willpower can become unstoppable.

Even players who do not own a Champion can use their Maestro character to explore the world and participate in many game modes. However, for modes which require a Champion to play, these players can either use Champions offered in the BattlePass free tier or borrow a Champion from another player (in exchange for a share of the resources they earn.) Both methods will allow these Maestros to earn resources, which they can eventually use to own a Champion of their own.

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