In the realm of Massina, players can own and exploit "Sanctioned" land for their exclusive benefit, while "Neutral" land is available to anyone for resource exploitation. Prime Eternal holders have the privilege of battling for the first drop of "Sanctioned" land, in a grand tournament exclusively open to Prime Eternals. After the tournament, any unclaimed land will revert to Plai Labs' control. As new resource types become available, players can look forward to the availability of different Land Deed grants. Players are required to utilize Massina and a designated amount of Gold to mint a Land Deed NFT. Players have the option of scouting and mining resource nodes on both "Sanctioned" and "Neutral" land. However, resource nodes on "Neutral" land may be contested by other players. To protect their resources, players can erect extractors, outposts, and defenses. Players may also choose to work together to harvest and protect resource nodes, or even capture nodes from opponents.

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