UGC Towers – Maestro Challenge

The Tower is an asynchronous PvP mode where players attempt to attack and steal Tower Coins from each other’s Towers while trying to keep their own Tower safe by fortifying it with Champion defenders, traps, and tower upgrades. Player performance is ranked according to the amount of coins that players collect and rewards are distributed based on a leaderboard which concludes seasonally. Players can use their Champions to raid their opponent’s Maesto Tower. They will face off against a series of Champion defenders (bots), one at a time, in PvE style combat. In order to defend their vault, Maestros will populate their Tower with defending Champions. Champions may be from their own collection, from the “free” collection, or if the player has purchased the Glory Pass - from the Glory Pass collection

Maestros may augment their defenses with:

  • Traps - creates additional challenges for attackers on that floor

  • Pets - boosts defenders on that floor

  • Portraits - boosts the stats of defenders on that floor

Maestros may use their Tower Coins to:

  • Add additional Floors to their Tower

  • Upgrade a Floor to support additional defenders

  • Upgrade their Vault’s size

  • Build Traps and other defensive items

  • Purchase cosmetic decorations for their Tower

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