There are three Tiers along the Ascension path:

Challenger → Gladiator → Eternal

In the game, players Ascend their Champions from one tier to the next by completing certain requirements. These include: reaching the level cap for their current tier, and completing an Ascension ritual.

To perform an Ascension ritual, players provide the priests at the Ascension Temple with three things: a consecrated* corpse of another Champion of the same tier, the appropriate amount of Writs of Ascension, and a small amount of Gold. (*More on consecration in the Death section, following.)

Ascending a Champion to a higher tier improves their stats, allows them to have more offspring, unlocks exclusive battle modes and areas in the game, and grants access to additional Feat Cards and Feat Slots. Each tier also has different daily earning limits for Essence, a valuable resource used in the game. As the Champion’s tier increases, so do the earning limits, making Ascension a key strategy for players looking to maximize their Essence. Achieving the highest tier of Eternal grants immortality to the Champion. However, the path of Ascension comes at a cost. Champions and resources will be consumed along the way, strengthening the player-to-player economy and balancing the supply of Champions and resources. Overall, Ascension is a vital aspect of the game, allowing players to improve their Champions and gain access to new features while maintaining a healthy game economy.

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