A Forge is a player-owned crafting station that allows for the crafting of the same Gear as the Bonesmith, but with the added benefit of cosmetic customization. As players use the Forge to make a specific style of gear, the Forge will level up, increasing its ability to make cosmetic versions of that type of gear. The higher the level of the Forge, the more cosmetic traits become available during the crafting process of that type of gear. However, Forges have a maximum amount of XP that they can level up to, so players will need to decide whether they want a Forge that can make a small number of unique items or a wider array of less cosmetically distinct items. In addition to the Gear Components, cosmetically enhanced Gear may require Essence Crystals or other resources as additional ingredients in the crafting process. For instance, Diamonds are required to create "Diamond" cosmetic gear. Prime holders, who have certain privileges in the game, will periodically receive a drop of Diamonds they can use in crafting. It's important to note that Diamond cosmetic gear can only be crafted using a player-owned Forge.

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