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The world of Massina is a massive, ever-expanding world filled with bustling cities, wide wilderness, and deadly dungeons

Explore this new universe and join players from around the world in the never-ending-quest to etch your names and deeds into its glorious history. Like many MMORPGs before it, Champions Ascension's rich 3D environments will be filled with a diverse set of game modes, shops, beasts, quests; all geared to offer activities and progression tracks for all types of players to enjoy.

Massina can be thought of as a living, breathing theme park. And, just like any theme park, this one has a main attraction at its core: an intense, high-stakes, multiplayer arena called the Colosseum Eternal.

Every activity and experience in the world is built around and enhanced by this grand spectacle, whether itโ€™s betting, breeding, crafting or fighting!

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