Maestro System

In Champions Ascension, the aspiration to become a successful Maestros is a key driver of the game. Maestros are the ones responsible for collecting, breeding and training the Champions to become powerful assets in battles. While players who own a Champion can choose to use it as their in-game representation, Maestros are the default character that all players start with. To progress in the game, Maestros need to focus on two main dimensions. The first dimension is the account-bound Maestro progression, which involves completing various challenges and quests to earn resources and level up their account. This progression is important as it unlocks new features and game modes, as well as provides access to better resources for Champion breeding and training. The second dimension of progression is related to the Glory Pass, which all players can participate in. By completing challenges and earning experience points, players can unlock exclusive rewards, including rare Champions, valuable resources, and cosmetic items. The Premium version of the Glory Pass offers even more rewards, making it an attractive option for players who want to progress faster and unlock more exclusive content. In order to become a successful Maestro, players need to strike a balance between these two dimensions of progression. While focusing on the account-bound progression is crucial to unlock new features and resources, participating in the Glory Pass is equally important to gain access to exclusive rewards and increase their Champion collection. With dedication and strategic planning, players can become the ultimate Maestro and lead their Champions to victory in battles.

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