Glory Pass (Battle Pass)

The Glory Pass is a valuable tool for players to unlock a range of exciting assets within the game. It offers both a free and premium tier, allowing players to progress through the tiers by completing Daily and Weekly quests and earning Glory. While the Free tier offers some items to unlock, the Premium tier provides access to many more exclusive rewards. In the Regular Battle Mode, players who do not own a Champion of their own have the opportunity to choose one from a pre-selected group of Eternals. However, some of the Champions are initially locked and can only be used in combat if players purchase the Glory Pass and reach a certain level in the Pass progression. This information will be clearly communicated to players in both the Champion selection screen and the Glory Pass, and it will also impact the roster of available Champions for Maestro Tournaments. By offering these locked Champions through the Glory Pass, players can enjoy the excitement of unlocking new and powerful assets as they progress through the game.

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