“This city welcomes folks from all walks of life. It is often that the scoundrel and the paladin unknowingly break bread.” - Marienne, Lieutenant of the First Regiment.
In order to ensure accessibility to a wide audience and create a truly inclusive gaming experience, Champions Ascension has been designed as a completely free-to-play game. This means that players can easily download and access the game without any upfront costs or subscription fees. This is an intentional decision made by the developers to create a low barrier to entry for players, allowing anyone who is interested in the game to have the opportunity to play and progress through it. Through various gameplay modes and activities, players will have the chance to earn the resources they need to progress in the game, such as Essence, Bone, Massina and Gold. This means that players can unlock and acquire their very own Champion without ever having to spend any money. However, for players who want to accelerate their progress, there are also options to purchase in-game items and resources using real money. The free-to-play model also allows Champions Ascension to potentially reach millions of players worldwide, making it a truly global gaming experience. With a diverse player base, the game can offer a variety of unique and exciting challenges, competitions, and events that players can engage in to earn rewards, advance their Champions, and compete with others. Overall, the decision to make Champions Ascension a free-to-play game ensures that the game is accessible, engaging, and enjoyable for all players.