Why Play to Own?

The primary benefit of a Play to Own game economy is that the player owns the assets they acquire in the game, whether those assets were purchased or earned via gameplay. Owning their assets means that players can choose to keep and use them for as long as they like, but they also have the ability to trade or sell their assets to other players when they no longer need them. Play to Own focuses on the collectability, utility and potential interoperability of NFTs. Our NFTs are dynamically composed from millions of possible combinations to make an asset that is both aesthetically interesting and individually unique. In addition, these assets also have intrinsic gameplay utility because their visual traits often correspond to specific types of bonuses or abilities in the game. Finally, Play to Own builds on top of the free-to-play model, allowing traditional free-to-play players to download and play the game for free, but now with the potential to own (and optionally trade) their assets. Positioning the product this way allows the game to scale to a much wider audience of gamers who are unfamiliar with crypto or dissuaded by barriers like owning a wallet. Adopting the conventional IAP purchase mechanics of F2P games, allows the game to be distributed on traditional gaming platforms, reaching a wide addressable market.

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