The Transcendent 100 hold a truly special place in the world of Massina.

These are the 100 Maestros who have accumulated the most Chrono XP over the course of the current year. These Maestros enjoy a series of unique benefits.

  1. A seat in the Imperial Council Maestros here hold a seat in the Imperial Council. This gives them access to a private space where the Emperor confers with his top advisors, The Loremaster, The Battleseer, The World Builder, The Professor, et al on matters relating to Massina’s future.

  2. The Creatum Symposium A yearly event where the Transcendent 100 participate in a design session with the team to build out a high concept for a feature that the team develops and implements into the world.

  3. Prosperous Promoter As the full economy comes online, the Transcendent 100 will enjoy special benefits that can be used to either help promote themselves, their guilds, or events/tournaments that they may want to bring attention to. These will include, but are not limited to:

    1. A special treatment applied to their name anywhere it appears in the game, including any leaderboards, or chat.

    2. The ability to send 1 server-wide message each day.

    3. A special spot in any siring searches that appear at the top of the list as players search for sires to breed with.

  4. The Transcendent 100 Legacy Ceremony At the end of each year, Massina celebrates its Transcendent 100 with a special ceremony, where the Emperor gifts these 100 loyal Maestros with a one of a kind reward, never before seen in the world of Massina.

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